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Science of life, Ayurveda has shown its unprecedented impact on physical, mental & social wellbeing of an individual along with improving the quality of life. According to ayurveda, good health is achieved when mind, body & spirit are in harmony with the universe. A disruption of any of this state leads to poor health condition.

Among the 8 branches of Ayurveda ,Shalakyatantra encompasses causes ,diagnosis and curative procedures of the diseases pertaining to the head ,ear ,nose ,eye , lips & throat. So the branches of shalakyatantra includes Netrachikitsa (Ophthalmology ) ,Karnachikitsa (Otology )Nasachilkitsa (Rhinology ),Mugharogachikitsa ( Oral hygiene ,Dentistry & Laryngology) &Shirorogachikitsa (Diseases of Cranium ).This science uses a lot of salaka , which means probe ,justifies the name SHALAKYA TANTRA .

Shalakya is also famous as urdhwagathachikitsa in South India .Our classical texts have given even the minute details of the Shalakyatantra including the structures which are similar to the modern science.

Approximately 72 diseases of the eye are discussed by susrutha samhitha (An authentic text of ayurveda), including surgical procedures for Cataract ,Conjunctivitis ,Pterigium& diseases of the iris / pupil .In addition to this 20 diseases of the ear,18 diseases of the nose ,11 diseases of the lips , 1 disease of the lymph gland , 23 diseases of the teeth , 6 diseases of the tongue , 8 diseases of the palate , 18 diseases of the throat ,pharynx ,larynx & 8 diseases of oral cavity .Shalakyatantra describes remedy for all such diseases .

According to Ayurveda ,Tridoshas which are the basic ailments function normally in their respective channels & place .Any imbalance of these doshas due to etiological factor will lead to the diseases.

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