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Geriatrics is a specialty under internal medicine and family medicine that focuses on health care of elderly people .It aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in old age people. Today worldwide there are 600 million old age people (>60) as per WHO. The elderly population will get double by 2025, and will reach virtually 2 billion by 2025. The percentage of population >65 years will be higher in developed countries but absolute number will be higher in developing countries, due to demographic impact.

Ayurveda, the science of life has its own unique proven remedy to relieve the health issues facing old age peoples. Rasayana&vajeekarana therapy,two specialities in ayurveda are unbeatable solutions in this era for age related ailments like bone & joint disorders, cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, cancer,cataract, hypertension, benign prostrate hyperplasia, alzheimers disease, anaemia and psychosomatic issue etc.

Ageing is an inescapable part of life. Infact it is the conglomeration of the richness of one’s experience of living. According to ayurveda, ageing is of two type.

  • Kala jara ( Timely old age)
  • Akala jara (untimely or early setting in of old age)

Kala jara is natural, which is cherished by everyone. Akala jara is unnatural & untimely process occurring by time, induces a set of social problem & mental agony terminating the social stigma. Kala jara cannot be avoided altogether, but the onset & its manifestation can be delayed to a certain extend. In short, jara chikitsa (Rasayana & vajeekarana) is helpful to avoid akala jara & to delay kala jara(timely ageing) & its age- related health issues.

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